About Us


We aspire to be the benchmark in the Caribbean engineering industry when quality and reliability are concerned. We develop, design, implement and maintain integrated "total package" technical solutions for our clients, active in various industries in the Caribbean region.

Continuous improvement of all elements of our organization is of great importance to incessantly deliver firm solutions.
Target points are the following:

  • We enter into partnerships with our clients to improve their competitive position in order to contribute to a more profitable, safe and sustainable business environment.
  • Human resources are the company's most powerful asset. We create a working environment where individuals can excel, maximize their talents and are continuously challenged to reach higher levels.

Mission Statement

Our services target improvement of the quality of the living and working environment and stimulation of durable economic development in the Caribbean region. Thus we create added value for our clients, our employees and the communities we are active in.


  • Ethics. Integrity, respect for eachother, loyalty and fairness are our core values guiding us through our business endeavors and personal lives.
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). Our commitment to Environment, Health and Safety is deeply embedded and affirmed in our daily activities.
  • Quality. Continuously improve the quality of our services by investing in new technology, innovations and people.
  • Relationships. We invest in durable relationships with our clients and with our employees to create win-win situations.


To create a strong multidisciplinary engineering firm in the Caribbean, three parties active in Suriname decided to join forces in 2007; FIRM Engineering became a fact.

Boetius Consulting Engineers (BCE) is an engineering firm specialized in mechanical & electrical engineering with many years of experience in different markets in Suriname.

Adviesbureau BouwTechniek (ABT) is an engineering firm specialized in civil- and architectural engineering in Suriname.

Guido Koorndijk, Engineering Manager at Ballast Nedam International Projects, a world-wide operating contractor based in the Netherlands.

BCE and ABT recognized the opportunity for synergy and worked out merging plans to create a multidisciplinary engineering firm. To complete the group, Guido Koorndijk was introduced, bringing in expertise in international project management of major civil and civil-marine works.